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Finally the U-Cube (nicknamed Das Bar) went out in the snow for its first outing with its folding gullwing roof.

Everything folded up inside including stools, stock, gas, plumbing and best of all a propper sound system with Ipod connection.

The weather put a bit of a downer on footfall on the Saturday but cleared and warmed a little for a spectacular Sunday.

Das Bar U-Cube mobile mulled cider wagon

Das Bar U-Cube mobile mulled cider wagon

U-Cube stained glass

The night before we took her to the South Bank Real Food Market, turned into a last minute rush to clean, tidy and add a few flourishes like the stained glass cover for the redundant water filler cap and a Pete Fowler “hood ornament” with Tim’s (the owner) baby boy’s name written in appalling Halfords tat above.

Pete Fowler Hood Ornament

Tim Sperryn at Cube Space is the man with the keys and also a licensee so if you fancy a funky pop up bar that can drive into your office lobby and be serving hot stuff within 30 mins, then give him a call. It is fully brandable with magnetic decals and multiple chalkboards to add a little je ne sais quoi…

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