Das Bar

So Saturday saw the first outing for the project i have been working on for the last few weeks.
Thanks to Tim at Cube-Space.co.uk ‘s strange stock of Piaggio Ape, wood, hinges, camp stoves and much much more, we were able to build his new product the U-Cube.

[photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’620′ i_id=’I0000XZaJ1O3Kyzg’ buy=’1′]

We managed to get through a fair amount of mulled cider and beer, all in all a great test of what is to come.

[photoshelter-img width=’600′ height=’620′ i_id=’I00001UqktpxEJCk’ buy=’1′]

Next step is to cut up the stock roof, giving us gullwing awnings either side and to get some well packaged seating.

[photoshelter-gallery g_id=’G0000tPTDgNy73yM’ g_name=’Das-Bar’ width=’600′ f_fullscreen=’t’ bgtrans=’t’ pho_credit=’iptc’ twoup=’f’ f_bbar=’t’ f_bbarbig=’f’ fsvis=’f’ f_show_caption=’t’ crop=’f’ f_enable_embed_btn=’t’ f_htmllinks=’t’ f_l=’t’ f_send_to_friend_btn=’f’ f_show_slidenum=’t’ f_topbar=’f’ f_show_watermark=’t’ img_title=’casc’ linkdest=’c’ trans=’xfade’ target=’_self’ tbs=’5000′ f_link=’t’ f_smooth=’f’ f_mtrx=’t’ f_ap=’t’ f_up=’f’ height=’400′ ]

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