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Not something that i wrote about on this site, but a few months back I decided one Sunday to see how hard it is to make an internet radio station.

As it turns out I got most of it done within the day and so the hunt was on for content and a decent streaming server. The later was given to me by the wonderful people at Playlouder especially Charlie and the former came from whoever wanted a shot on air.

After a couple of successful test runs in Pete’s studio we nabbed an unused greenhouse in the building and set up a permenant studio.

Took a little tinkering to stop the wobbly floor from jumping the needle and some creative wiring but eventually Interobang Radio (I bought the domain a while ago and it sort of worked) was up and running 247.

At this point I began to realise just how much work running a radio station involved. Not only did I spend most of the week sourcing and then chasing contributers, I also had to run the website and produce/engineer the live shows. With little income and now no time to find some, I decided to reduce my involvment as much as i could.

This was my six step programme I designed to help DJ’s switch the thing on (remember it was mainly built of scrap hardwear I found).

My favorite pic of the carnage that everone brought to this Green House in a Warehouse.

Sadly this project has come to an end, but it was fun while it lasted and a great experience. Now, once again, I just need to work out what to do next.

I am very much open to ideas if you have one, my contacts are at the top of the page.


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  1. brunovincent Post author

    Sorry for the lo-res iphone pics, I havent taking a picture in anger for 19 months and so the lovely Pete Fowler stepped up to document the project. He is after all a brilliant illustrator , not a photographer.


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