All too often I come across photojournalists that began their careers with a desire to illustrate the suffering, oppression and injustices of the world, but as they grow, so do their egos and the resulting work becomes self-indulgent.

PhotoVoice is a registered UK charity that, among many other projects, puts the camera in the hands of people who are more often the subject of photojournalism, giving them the opportunity to document their own surroundings.

Their mission is:

PhotoVoice empowers disadvantaged and marginalised individuals and communities to improve their social and economic situation through photography and digital media by working with participants so that they develop the skills to create images as a tool for change.”

In short, they are using photography for all the right reasons.

© Munna Kumar / SKA / DSN / PhotoVoice. This is Muktaran bibi who with her family is engaged in separation of garbage.

So to all those selfless but possibly soon to be self-indulgent phojo’s out there, here is your chance to take the reins.


They will be running a participatory photography projects workshop – 3 days: June 15, 16th and 18th and time is almost up.

The workshop will cover:
What is participatory photography
The benefits and limitations of participatory photography
Facilitating participatory workshops
Designing participatory photography projects and the project cycle
Exploring participation
Risk and safety
Ethics and informed consent
Images and Audiences

To book your place and for more information please visit the website or contact

ps. I don’t really think so ill of photojournalism, I just think it needs a gentle prod every now and again.

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