Wiggle Gifs

I have been playing around with animating 2 frames with a minor camera shift to create a 3d effect for a while now. More recently i found they are called Wiggles or Wobbles or some mutant hybrid of either or both of these words and GIF.

As is always the way, I discovered this by accident then found examples on the internet almost immediately.

Like this one of M.I.A


Not one to be disheartened (not really true but sounds better that way) I trawled the net for more and more Wiggles and Wobbles.


This has been created from a genuine stereo film image.

From a dedicated blog with tonnes of great examples.


All this got me thinking, could you integrate the 4th dimension, time…?


Speaking to a friend who has been deep in 3D for far longer than most, he suggested that the 25-30 fps of most video couldn’t be broken down far enough to exploit the magic of frame animation and the wiggle effect at the same time.

You see it’s a trade off, the wiggle (or wobble) needs more than just 2 frames to fool the brain into the 3d effect and the animation needs more than 12fps to create convincing movement.

If one 3d frame group has to consist of 2 pairs of stereo frames, that only leaves 6fps animation left in a 24fps video.

Oh, an the brain wont really read animation in the detail required above 13fps.

Confused? Well it’s neither difficult or now relevant it seams.

Blue Roses music video does exactly what i have been harking on about and the ‘magic’ of this pseudo-3d overwhelms the need for a higher overall frame rate.



Once again, and i hate to sound like one of the “I thought of Facebook in ’94” people, someone has pipped me to the post.

Cant wait to see other people pick up this technique, and loving the fact that the best lo-fi for a while exploits the latest technology.


2011, it’s all about .gif’s baby

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