QR codes made with love

Not that I have really seen anyone use QR codes that successfully,  but like everyone that has had a play, I still get easily carried away with the concept.

Too often they are printed on the floor so you have to get on your knees to scan, or they are used on tube ads so they wont connect to the URL thanks to a total lack of phone signal.

Can’t say that I have ever been inclined to scan a single code I have seen in public and not that any of my ideas are geared to reverse this personal trend, but they do make something that is essentially ‘robot readable’ a far more appealing and inviting adventure.

I must also admit that this is photoshopped. It took me long enough to make digitally, I would hate to have tried to learn to weave it.

Oh and it still doesn’t scan on the majority of my scanners, but that was kind of the point. Now to improve the errors and contrast till I find where it will work.





2 thoughts on “QR codes made with love

    1. admin Post author

      Just food for thought and something to keep me busy. If you could read the code it would take you to the page its on. Sweet irony… or just playing about?


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