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The (not so) Silent Bite Alarm Choir at Andrews of Arcadia

The Cornwall chapter of Andrews of Arcadia has drawn its curtains for the last time this year.

Filled with great talks from the likes of Messrs Luke Jennings, Tom O’Reilley, Neil Thomson and art from Pete Fowler, I stepped in to build something out of the array of vintage bite alarms that Mr Andrews had at his disposal.

Most of the following was conceived and constructed on site at Port Eliot festival, in a small tent, with a couple of empty cans of Tribute and a pen knife.

At times, the land of Arcadia looked like an IRA munitions factory, at others a civilised place of learning and tea. I was utterly responsible for the former and with the exception of a bit of IT, had nothing to do with the latter.

Some notable quotes from the weekend:



“This is Bruno, the only man to turn up to a festival with a suitcase filled with explosives (It was miliput, not C4)… and tweed”

“Bruno is the David Niven of IT”

obviously I only remember the personal quotes, but to learn more, click on some of the links above to read more from an alternate perspective.



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