So sitting and drinking unsafe quantities of coffee from Messers Dunne and Frankowski has paid off again.
A little commission landed on my lap from the guys upstairs at Protein.
They wanted a small showpiece shelf within the coffee shop where they could physically sell some of the products that they have available online.

The brief was to have something that was sympathetic to the current design but sufficiently different to separate it.

It also had to be easily removable, leaving the minimum of visible fixings on the wall.

So this is what I came up with.

This sketch was primarily for Protein, so they could get a better idea of what it would look like. As ever with me, the design was sitting in my head in a nearly complete form.


As always, budget was a major consideration and the biggest cost, apart from my time, was always going to be sourcing a quality piece of wood. Luckily for me, but not for the proprietors, the Stoke Newington wood shop was having a closing down sale and had two contenders left in stock.

The picture above shows a large chuck of elm that would have worked nicely, save for the waney edge and worm problem on the opposing side. It could have been usable, but the short lead time on this job excluded it and left me with a shorter slab of sycamore to work with.


Here’s a pic of the wood after a bit of machining. I say machining, but really it was all done by hand as I only had one evening to work from home on this and I couldn’t impose the sound of power tools on my neighbours.

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