The Dalston Department Store

The street entrance to the service elevator that takes you inside.

Over the last week I have truly been burning the candle at both ends, even a little bit in the middle for good measure.

A before shot of the soon to be foyer

My initial sketchup of the space.

A rough sketchup of the foyer design. Things will change

Apart from running our first test at a multi-camera live video stream of my friend Sweet Baboo playing an acoustic gig at Vagabond cafe in Stroud Green (post about this to come), I also built this new concept department store in an old tram shed in Dalston.

The space, up until last Monday, was the permanent office for DSDundee, Passion Graphics and DLUX. Filled to the brim with old industrial shelving, construction off cuts and random furniture that was surplus to the staff’s home requirements.

The brief was to build a space for 16 concessions that had the feel of a pop-up sample sale combined with the traditional department store.

The finished shop floor

Another angle of the floor

Using only the materials we had to had ( the materials budget was literally only spent on wall paper paste, screws and sundries) I carefully pulled apart everything to create a bare room and began reconstructing everything into rails, changing rooms, bars and displays.

Vic Frankowski of Dunne Frankowski prepping for his first service

Finally the Pièce de résistance, another bar for Dunne Franowski made out of old radiators from the building and some offcuts.

Mark (the client) rushing around minutes before opening.

Open for 4 days, it was a great success and will be reopening bigger and better soon.

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