Wesker and Sons | Human Butchers (mostly bacon)

Once again my week has been filled with weird and wonderful play, thanks to the strange mind of Miss Cakehead. This time, amongst various jobs like signage and dressing for a ‘Butcher of human meat’ I was asked to create pools of blood that could be peeled off the floor of Smithfields meat market without leaving a stain. Previously I was engaged in identifying the leading name for collagen sausage casings.

Normal theatrical blood is full of dye and remains liquid for hours if not days, giving the gloopy mess plenty of time to infect the floor in question.
My solution to such a specific request was to mix up an Agar Agar solution and colour it down.

This worked well to produce something that set hard upon touching the cold floor but was a little too transparent to be convincing blood. To remedy this, I slowly added cocoa powder to the mixture and poured a second, more textured and opaque layer over what essentially became a release layer.

Lastly, to add the desired congealed effect, I got on my hands and knees to move the top coat around with blasts of blowing. This rippled up the darker layer and in one case looked quite revolting, perfect…

As you can see the finished pool looked like congealed, fresh, liquid blood. In fact, it was solid enough to survive a couple of careless feet and peeled off the floor leaving almost nothing (a couple of seconds of wiping with paper were needed) behind.

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