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3D design

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I got a bit over excited a week ago and decided to complete a project that has been on my mind for 15 years.
Shortly after leaving school, I took a job at SPAX suspension, welding up shock absorbers for race cars. The chat amongst my small team was entirely made up of “lets enter Scrap Heap Challenge” followed by my response of “no, lets build a Goodwood soapbox”.
Well neither happened. Goodwood canceled the soapbox event after a horrible accident, and I moved on to my Documentary Photography degree before Scrap Heap could become a reality.

So 15 years later I have decided to engineer a soapbox.
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I have a team (kind of) and we’re looking for some minor sponsorship to cover some of the material costs. Until that happens, I’m enjoying playing with my new found hobby of 3D design.

(Not) wanting to show off, I only started learning this a week ago and hopefully you’ll agree that I’ve picked it up pretty well.

I’ll post more pics as the project develops.

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