Jordi Mestre | Spanish Barista Champion 2013

Jordi’s done it again…

@nomadcoffeeuk with his winnings.

Roaster at Nude Espresso and friend of DunneFrankowski has held his title in Spain and will soon be off to compete on the world stage in Melbourne.

Rob Dunne and I flew out to Barcelona a week ago to begin the final phase of his training, and to put the finishing touches to his routine.

If you are unfamiliar to a Barista competition, the contestant has 15 minutes to present 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos and 4 signature drinks ( a cocktail containing a whole shot of espresso). It’s not just about latte art and drinkability, competitors are judged on cleanliness, confidence, personality and knowledge of their product. Combine this with a synergetic menu, complex tasting notes and a crowd of your peers gawping at you, it’s a daunting challenge. If a little odd.

Another Trolley, 15minutes worth loaded and ready to go. @nomadcoffeeuk

I wont bore you with the finer details of how we managed to improve and polish the presentation, but a milk tasting was involved (and very necessary as it goes), a lot of script editing and even more coffee tasting.

Next step Melbourne in two months time.

Plenty to work on, especially eeking out that extra something from the espresso to push his scores that little bit higher.

Coffee is a Fruit : Part 4Sig Drink set up minus the blood orange.

Watch this space.

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