@DunneFrankowski Cupping Class Matt


Tasting Class matt for DunneFrankowski's cuppings

Tasting Class matt for DunneFrankowski’s cuppings

At DunneFrankowski they offer a tasting class that guides participants through the science of taste and the components of flavour that can be found in coffee.

It’s a great course, that I have done myself, and introduces the murky and poorly titled world of Cupping to the consumer.

Cupping is just drinking coffee with a spoon from a cup, nothing weirder than that. It is very useful for evaluating coffee and tea as the coffee grounds are not filtered, hot water is simply poured over a consistent dose of coffee. This is where the spoon comes in, cuppers can share the cup hygienically as they rinse the spoon, and the cup is kept firmly on the table to prevent agitation from changing the extraction.

The above image is a place-matt that I designed to help the students understand the process and give them a simple way to evaluate what it is that they are tasting.

This design will be taken further, but it’s secret right now so check back later for the next installation.


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