“Bruno was a real asset to the creative team at Dudebox. His superb technical skills along with a well defined creative capability was applied to developing a creative business strategy with emphasis on social media as well as the company’s own digital broadcast channels. His aptitude in these areas is a rare gem to find and I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Freelance at Hand On Fire Studio



“Bruno is full of ideas and enthusiasm, and absolutely committed to building his strategic career. Anyone deciding to take advantage of this has their decision repaid several times over – he’s a catch!”

Fern Miller
EMEA Head of Planning at LBi



“Bruno has an eye for detail and a very analytical mind, which
I’ve relied heavily upon when working with him.
At Getty Images Bruno and I worked together on installing various
networks to support editorial events (such as the wedding of
Charles and Camilla), acceptance trials of bespoke software
developed for photographer workflows for Getty Images, and
producing and researching new workflows.
Bruno’s IT experience made him an ideal person for consulting
with on our IT projects for the Editorial department in Getty Im-

Jono Powell,
Editorial Event Support Manager.
Getty Images UK DEVCO


“Bruno has a rare combination of creativity and attention to

detail that has made him a great creative consultant for me
over the past two years.
His determination not to take the tried and tested routes to
any task means his involvement in my projects always
leads t o innovation and something different.
There are no quick fixes for Bruno and no ‘standard’ solutions,
yet he has the ability to work fast and work smart and come
up with ideas and proposals that never cease to impress.
Highly recommended.”

David Alexander,
Director. Calacus PR



“PhotoVoice has benefited hugely from Bruno’s meticulous
approach and problem-solving abilities over the past year.
Whatever our requirements, Bruno has become something
of a ‘go-to guy’ because he requires minimum briefing before
understanding our need and being able to independently develop
the task in a way that is ideal for our purposes.
His expertise and skills stretch far beyond his previous career
experience due to his ability to quickly master new skills,
understand both the detail and context of a task, while thinking
outside the box for alternative and better ways it could be
In discussions about areas Bruno is involved in, or our work in
general, it is rare that I do not come away brimming with new
ideas or solutions to previously apparently insurmountable

Matt Daw,
Projects Manager. PhotoVoice



“Bruno’s understanding of technology and innovation is both
shrewd and deep.
He understands the human need for software, but also much
of the mechanics involved to make it work.
His attention to detail is superb, and I found him to be a
smart, motivated collaborator. I’d love to work on projects with
him in the future.”

Ben Werdmuller,
Consulting Web strategist and developer.



“Cube Space requires it’s staff to be flexible and creative but
most important is the requirement to complete tasks/ projects
to deadlines and to spec. Bruno excelled in developing and
applying solutions to meet fixed goals and deadlines. This
meant that the working atmosphere was busy but relaxed and
others could concentrate on their tasks safe in the knowledge
that Bruno would complete his…
Technically proficient, Bruno can genuinely create, apply and
finish. Cube Space continues to require Bruno’s services…”

Tim Sperryn
MD. Cube Space



“Br uno has an incredible ability to engage with the most
difficult personalities through his creative ideas. We first
worked together in Johannesburg where he was helping his
client on an all together impromptu photo shoot involving
Hollywood A-listers atop a slag heap for a local mine.
Since Bruno turned his talents to other artistic pursuits, my
jealousy has multiplied and having seen some of the physical
art installations and music projects he has had a hand in, I’m
torn between describing him as a Warhol protoge or the new

Gordon Masson
Music editor (Music Week, Variety, Billboard, M magazine)



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